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International Roadshow & Events


Industry leaders in the management of transportation for international roadshow events, having developed an in-depth understanding of the specific requirements relative to this specialized market, our dedicated roadshow consultants fully understand the dynamics of these high pressured events and recognize that there is no room for error.


Our dedicated roadshow team micro manage each and every roadshow from the moment we receive your itinerary until the production of an invoice. brunel continue to be a major supplier of international roadshow & events to a client list that includes most of the key blue chip organisations.


Our Roadshow process follows the following procedure:


I.    Provide us with your global itinerary

II.   Our roadshow coordinator receives confirmation with an instant receipt sent

III.  Upload itinerary into our system

IV. Itinerary verified

V.  International Reservations made and drivers confirmed

VI. Project completion and invoice raised.