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We are all too aware of the problems relating to climate change and the environment as a whole.


Recent statistics show that transport accounts for just over one-quarter of the UK's carbon emissions, a major contributor to the global warming effect that threatens such catastrophic damage to our environment. This figure is forecast to rise by one-third over the next generation unless we significantly reduce carbon emissions, especially those produced by vehicles. Whilst a new generation of alternatively powered vehicles is being developed, it may be some time before these technologies are effective and available widely enough to make a substantial impact in reducing carbon emissions.


brunel is committed to protecting the environment, and to this end we have decided to address the carbon emissions that are being produced as a result of the services we carry out on behalf of our clients around the world.


We are currently in discussions to enlist the help of The Carbon Neutral Company to ‘neutralise’ our Carbon footprint. Along with this we are currently in talks to partner with Toyota in a deal that will further reduce our CO2 Emissions and provide London's greener alternative.


Using complex mathematical formula and data such as vehicle types, regional percentages of work carried out, mileage, fuel types and other information, CarbonNeutral will assess the size of the Carbon footprint that Brunel leaves on the planet and will advise us on how best we can erase that footprint in a sustainable manner.


Once this process is complete the carbon emissions created by the 250,000 services around the world that Brunel performs annually will be offset, and we will continue to monitor and adjust our investment according to the levels of business our clients produce to ensure we remain ‘Carbon Neutral’.