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This year Brunel have successfully reduced ground transportation costs for a number of “blue chip” organizations by providing a detailed cost comparison on like for like bookings made with black taxis versus Brunel, which makes very interesting reading.



Please see below a comparison on a 9 mile journey :


Average Black Taxi charge  £41.22 

Average Brunel charge £33.00 


Average saving of 25%


> Flag Fall - Once driver engages meter (accepts booking) there is an automatic £2.20 charge/ Brunel do not charge a flag fall.

> Run in - Driver incentive to travel from where he/she is located to pick up address/ Brunel do not charge a run in.

> Waiting Time - Average account bookings incur 9 minutes waiting. Black taxis charge from minute 1, Brunel charge from minute 15.

> Journey fare - The black taxi tariff is governed by The Public Carriage Office, and will be influenced by both the time and distance travelled. Brunel offer a fixed point to point tariff, irrespective of either the time, distance or route taken.

> Gratuity - Black Taxi charge a percentage of journey fare/ Brunel do not charge any gratuity.

> Booking - Black taxis charge a fixed fee for each booking/ Brunel do not charge a fixed fee.

> Administration - Black taxis charge a fixed percentage of total costs/ Brunel do not charge administration.